About Us

Déborah Célimène graduated from Lenotre, the most prestigious French pastry school in Paris and received the pastry chef formation From the best;

Best French Craftman chocolatier, Thierry Atlan and Christophe Redhon,  three time champion of the world of ice cream, and ice sculpting Gerard Taurin; chef Benard Fichepain from the Plaza athenee (Paris) etc..

This was just a part of list of achivements after earning her law degree at the University of West Indies and Guyana in her homeland Martinique.

  She then worked at the Presidency of the French National Assembly for the French president, his family and guests but her desire for independence and business motivated her to delve into her own ventures and develop the project, Fleur Bleue.


`The project Fleur Bleue is born from my passion about life, food, people and my culture, it is me! this is it!

The best way to create a good memory, to touch people and make them feel happier, richer and content is sharing.. sharing my knowledge, my story, a piece of cake.` 

`Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!`